Prim. dr sci. Todor Jovanović

Prim. dr sci. Todor Jovanović

Primarius dr sci. Todor Jovanović dedicated his many years of scientific research to immunology and virology and made a great contribution to understanding many metabolic and immune processes in the human body. He is the author of several books, articles and studies in the field of medical sciences and several practical manuals on nutrition and health maintenance.

Decades of scientific work in the field of immunology have resulted in the invention of TODOXIN®, which through its long-term use has shown that, as a dietary supplement for healthy and sick people, it is effective in restoring energy balance and strengthening the human immune system. He conducted his scientific research at world-renowned institutes, clinics and laboratories and was a collaborator with eminent world scientists in the field of HIV / AIDS and cancer.

Efficacy tests of TODOXIN were performed in:

  • National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Washington, USA.
  • Institute of Carolina – Department of Immunology – Professors Sven Britton and Mikael Jondal.
  • Tehnical Service Laboratories, Misasaga – Ontario, Canada,
  • Federal Institute for Food Testing / Bundesanstalt fur Libensmitteluntersuchung in Graz / Graz, Austria.
  • University College London Medical School – Department of Virology – prof.R.S. Teder.

Studies in these institutions have confirmed that TODOXIN is a completely natural preparation, which has no contraindications with any form of drug or non-drug therapy. At the above institutions, TODOXIN passed all three phases of testing required for drugs or auxiliary drugs – hygienic, toxicological and clinical trials and received only positive opinions.