The map of immune system

The map of the human immune biological system was designed and patented in 1987 by Prim. dr sci. Todor Jovanović. The central place on the Map is occupied by NK cells (natural killer), natural killer cells, a special group of lymphocytes, with a significant role in the primary immune response. The main role of NK cells is the body’s defense against viruses and tumor cells. NK cells represent the first line of defense; they recognize virus-infected cells and tumor cells, bind to their cell membrane and destroy them. NK cells also secrete cytokines, such as interferon γ, which enhance the immune response.

In addition to NK cells, on the Map of the human immune system, an important place is occupied by LAC cells (lymphokine-activated killers) – lymphokine-activated killer cells, a subtype of NK cells. Under certain conditions, LAC cells secrete all those substances – lymphokines, cytokines, interleukins, interferons and many other communication substances – that are necessary for the proper functioning of immunocompetent cells and the complete immune system.

At the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, in the Department of Immunology, in 1989, tests of Todoxin products were conducted under the guidance of Professor Mikael Jondal. The test results showed that Todoxin is a potent activator of the immune biological system, primarily NK cells, with the effects of Todoxin being detected even at a dilution of 1: 100,000.