Preventive package againt cold and flu

5.050,00 rsd


Good immunity is the basis of good health. Since there is no specific treatment for the common cold or the flu, the most important thing is to work in the field of preventing the occurrence of these diseases. The best natural product for strengthening immunity and stimulating the body’s resistance to infection, colds and flu is TODoXIN no. 1, in the form of porridge, syrup and capsules.

Integral dandelion plant, organically produced lemon and acacia honey, without any additives, dyes or preservatives, are a proven combination, suitable for use even at the youngest age. Domestic production, decades of tradition and the experience of over 100,000 users, who used Todoxin products to stay healthy during the cold and flu season, are facts that set the Todoxin family of products apart from other immune-boosting products are offered on the market.

The package contains:

Todoxin no. 1 porridge x 2

Todoxin no. 1 drink x 2

Todoxin no. 1 capsule x 1