TODoXIN no.2 syrup

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Plant extracts of TODoXIN No. 2 are selective cytostatics that act on tumor cells both actively and passively. Their use is recommended primarily for people suffering from carcinogens diseases.


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Active ingredients TODoXIN no. 2 syrup are dandelion and Aloe arborescens, which has antimicrobial, antioxidant, immunostimulatory and antiproliferative effects. Numerous clinical studies have been conducted that have confirmed the positive effects of using this plant in cancer patients. One such study was conducted by a team of Italian doctors on a sample of 240 oncology patients with advanced disease (


The active influence of TODoXIN No.2 is reflected in the regeneration and revitalization of immunocompetent cells, especially NK cells, a subtype of lymphocytes that targets tumor cells. In addition to acting on tumor cells, NK cells also secrete interferon gamma, which enhances the immune response. Back in 1989, at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, tests of Todoxin all-natural health supplements were conducted, and the RESULTS showed that Todoxin is a powerful activator of human NK cells, enabling them to destroy tumor cells.


Application is recommended:

-To the children suffering from any form of tumor disease;
-To the adult oncology patients who have difficulty swallowing capsules due to the nature of the disease or other reasons;
-In consultation with a physician, it is used during chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other forms of treatment and is not a substitute for them;



Adults: 3 x 2 tablespoons during the day, half an hour before meals;

Children older than 6 years: 3 x 1 tablespoon during the day, half an hour before meals;

Children younger than 6 years: dosing according to the scheme according to age (obtained with the preparation).



Experience to date shows that the best results were obtained by patients who started using Todoxin no. 2 immediately upon suspicion of tumor disease.