TODoXIN no.3 capsules

1.090,00 rsd

TODoXIN No.3 helps patients regulate type I and II diabetes; reduces the supply of sugar to the bloodstream; has a protective effect on the kidneys; helps repair neuropathy, retinopathy, cardiopathy and nephropathy.


*Original recipe

*High-end production without the use of additives and preservatives

*Decades of tradition

* Satisfied customers


The active ingredients of TODoXIN No.3 capsules are lyophilisates of cinnamon bark, burdock root, chicory root and herring. Thanks to the combination of these raw materials, TODoXIN no. 3 capsules stimulate the action of insulin, and have a beneficial effect on maintaining normoglycemia.


Application is recommended:

-To the people who have a glycemic value higher than 6 mmol / L and are not on therapy;
-To the people who are predisposed to diabetes – a positive family history, obesity, metabolic X syndrome, sedentary lifestyle;
-To the people who are being treated with oral antidiabetics, and even insulin-dependent diabetics, can use Todoxin no. 3.



4x 1 capsule during the day, half an hour before a meal.



-The use is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women;
-Allergic reactions to some of the product’s ingredients are possible.