TODoXIN no.5 syrup

790,00 rsd

TODoXIN No.5 drink – 100% natural health supplement for a better blood count, increases the amount of hemoglobin and iron in the blood.


*Original recipe

*High-end production without the use of additives and preservatives

*Decades of tradition

*Satisfied customers


The main active ingredient of TODoXIN No.5 syrup is a homogenized whole fresh nettle plant, which is rich in minerals, especially iron. Nettle contains vitamin C, tannins, carotene, lecithin and numerous amino acids and has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


Application is recommended:

-To the children and adults with isolated sideropenic anaemia;
-To vegetarians and vegans;
-To the persons whose anaemia is secondary, as part of other diseases or is a consequence of treatment methods (oncology patients), in consultation with a doctor;
-To the oncology patients, the use of Todoxin no. 2 puree and Todoxin no. 2 capsules.



Adults: 1 tablespoon up to 4 times a day, half an hour before meals;

Children: According to dosing regimens, based on age.