TODoXIN Immunostabilizer 2L

3.300,00 rsd

TODoXIN IMMUNOSTABILIZER 2L is used as a supplement with TODoXIN supplements no.2. The carefully selected composition of this supplement enables the use of lecithin from alfalfa and active substances of aloe, which have a favorable effect on the general good condition and vitality. It is intended primarily for people suffering from cancerous diseases.


*Original recipe

*High-end production without the use of additives and preservatives

*Decades of tradition

*Satisfied customers


The active effect of TODoXIN Immunostabilizer 2L is reflected in the regeneration and revitalization of immunocompetent cells, especially NK cells, a subtype of lymphocytes that targets tumor cells. In addition to acting on tumor cells, NK cells also secrete interferon gamma, which enhances the immune response. Back in 1989, at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, tests of Todoxin all-natural health supplements were conducted, and the RESULTS showed that Todoxin is a powerful activator of human NK cells, enabling them to destroy tumor cells. The use of this product is recommended in combination with TODoXIN no. 2 puree and TODoXIN no. 2 capsules.


Application is recommended:

-For all tumor diseases;
-In consultation with a doctor, is used during chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other forms of treatment and is not a substitute for them;
-To the persons who have previously suffered from a tumor disease, with the aim of preventing the recurrence;
-To the people who have a genetic predisposition to develop cancer;
-To the persons who, due to the nature of their work, are exposed to potential carcinogens;
-To the people who are exposed to daily stress, sedentary lifestyle, associated with poor nutrition.



3 x 1 tablespoon during the day, 45 min before meals.


Interaction with anticoagulant drugs is possible.