TODoXIN skin care cream

790,00 rsd

Todoxin cream and emulsion for skin care and revitalization, naturally stimulates metabolic processes in the skin that restore the balance of the skin, restore its natural vitality, elasticity, softness and radiance.

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* Original recipe

* High-end production without the use of additives and preservatives

* Decades of tradition

*Satisfied customers


Daily application of TODoXIN cream naturally stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin, which restore its balance of the skin, its natural vitality, elasticity, softness and radiance. Encouraging the skin to perform its function on its own means restoring its natural beauty and radiance. It is intended for all skin types.

The combination of marigold, callus, basil and St. John’s wort oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects and is especially recommended for:

-labial and genital herpes;
-herpes zoster;
-fungal infections of the skin and nail plate and other skin diseases.



Before each use of the cream, thoroughly clean the application site. Apply the cream on dry and clean skin, several times during the day, rubbing, in gentle circular motions.